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The meeting in Amsterdam has been very interesting and very well organized, full of activities. Above all, it has been very challenging.
On the first day (Monday) we discussed all together about what a Myth is and we watched the film “A Myth Retold” that is inspired to the ancient Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris. The aim of the activity was to let allthe members of the group think about the main topics of the film such as diversity, love, death,procreation. The discussion was very interesting. We learned that each person can have a different point of
view and, actually, this is the importance of a debate that enriches everyone.

On the second day (Tuesday) we watched 3 short films (“Pizza Verdi”, “Night” and “The Circle”) < and 1 documentary (“Frame 394” regarding Walter Scott’s murder). This activity was very challenging because the topic was quite complex and tough: some words occurred to me like prejudice, knowledge, culture, music, justice, politically correct, black lives matter. All the students have been highly involved during the

On the third day (Wednesday) we walked around Amsterdam, visiting various places of worship and belief such as the Jewish Museum and de Krijtberg church (both from the outside), a place called Begijnhof with a wonderful little courtyard built during the Middle Ages, a Catholic church called “De Papegaai. The main objective of this activity was to explore the idea of diversity under a religious point of view,that was and
still is a very important issue in the history of humanity. Amsterdam is a simbolic meeting point of different religions, cultures and traditions. That was quite impressive.

On the fourth day (Thursday) we visited the most important museums in Amsterdam: The Rijksmuseum and The Van Gogh Museum. It was an extraordinary experience to see so many masterpieces all together. It was also nice to share with all the students the feelings and impressions about our visits.

The last day (Friday morning), after receiving the certificates of the course, all the students worked on their report of the week spent in Amsterdam; then we took pictures and said goodbye.
To conclude, we can say that it has been a very productive week for meeting people from different countries and sharing experiences.














The Winner of the Logo Contest

Logo Erasmus 2019

The winner logo is made by Vitor Pinto from Portugal. 

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