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Students and teachers from Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Spain will participate in an international meeting within the Erasmus + program at the IES La Laboral in La Laguna from November 14th to 20th.

La Laguna on November 10th , 2021

The IES La Laboral de La Laguna participates in an Erasmus + project aimed at upper secondary students entitled "Art for inclusion's sake" for students to reflect on artistic expression as a way for inclusion and values about difference and diversity. In the project, coordinated by the Italian school IIS Sandro Pertini de Alatri, are participating schools from Portugal, Holland, Germany, Istanbul and the IES La Laboral de La Laguna.

From November 14th to 20th 2021 a wide range of activities will be organised,  such as debates, dramatizations, short films, and cultural fairs. Besides, students will visit the Natural History Museum,  Las Cañadas del Teide and the cities of La Laguna and Santa Cruz. All these activities will be carried out in English, which gives students and teachers an excellent opportunity to improve their language skills and interact with students from other countries and cultures.

This project is part of the internationalization strategy of IES La Laboral with which we want to offer our students international mobilities to improve their academic and personal training and open up new options for them both in the workplace and in the continuation of their studies.

About the IES La Laboral of La Laguna

IES La Laboral is an educational institution with more than 2,000 students and 150 teachers, founded in 1973, which offers education ranging from Compulsory Secondary Education to all forms of upper secondary school including Basic, Intermediate and Higher Vocational Training and Sports Teachings in a specific regime.














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Logo Erasmus 2019

The winner logo is made by Vitor Pinto from Portugal. 

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